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The Superstar Facilitators On The Film and Production Bundle

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Sun, 03 Mar 2024

The Superstar Facilitators On The Film and Production Bundle

Our course bundle showcase for this month’s edition is the Film and Production Bundle

Below are some of our facilitators for the Film and Production Bundle and the course facilitated by them.

Kemi Lala Akindoju:

Kemi"Lala" Akindoju is a Nigerian actress and CEO at The Make It Happen Productions, one of Nigeria’s young and dynamic production companies responsible for the much talked about stage plays ‘The V Monologues: The Nigerian Story (2011 & 2012) and ‘The Wives’ (2014).

She won an Africa Magic trailblazer award for her role in the film adaptation of Dazzling Mirage.

Here on the Phoenix project, Kemi takes on the course, Introduction to Film production.

Kemi is well-grounded in production systems and processes and it jumps right at you from the start. This course was specifically designed by Lala, and we’re calling it pure gold.

Xavier Ighorodje:

Mr. Xavier Ighorodje is an award-winning screenwriter, director, content creator, and producer resident in Nigeria. He is the screenwriter of the short documentary, A WILL OF IRON which won a SUNDANCE award for the short documentary in 2014, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

His short film – The truth about B.A.E, also won the best cinematography, best writing, and best directing in the Lagos 48-hr film challenge in 2015. He is the Head Writer for the MNET Africa Magic Showcase’s 260 episodes hit Telenovela series ENAKHE.

Here on the Phoenix Project, Xavier takes the course, Introduction to ScriptWriting.

With this course, Xavier weaves together an immersive story that takes you, learners, on a journey into creating the perfect script when writing for screen.

Abba Makama: 

Abba T. Makama is the creative director and founder of Osiris Film & Entertainment based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Abba has directed documentaries for TV Networks like Al Jazeera and has created content for local and international brands like Google, BlackBerry, Hennessy, and Ciroc Vodka.

Abba is the director of the award-winning - Green White Green- one of the most traveled films in Nigerian film history. Green White Green can also be found in a few University libraries around the world, including Harvard.

Abba takes the course, Introduction to film on the Phoenix Project.

For every aspiring filmmaker, Abba unpacks the tapes that detail everything that you need to know about your immediate journey to becoming a filmmaker. Can you hear it? #Action!

To enjoy the insightful knowledge that these facilitators have unpacked on film and production you can sign up on our website, to enroll for these courses.


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