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Interview with Ajibola Olayiwola

Phoenix Project

Fri, 12 Jul 2024

Interview with Ajibola Olayiwola

Q1.Tell us how you got to know about The Phoenix Project and why you registered.

I learned about The Phoenix Project through an ad I saw on Instagram. I decided to register because I saw it as a platform to learn about visual storytelling and filmmaking techniques which I am passionate about.


Q2.In a few words describe your journey so far with The Phoenix Project.


It has been a jolly ride. I count it as a privilege.


Q3.Could you please tell us a bit about the organization you’re interning with?


Mr.Macaroni Entertainment Company is a brand that provides the content to keep everyone entertained, whether you prefer to read, watch or listen.  Mr Macaroni's Online TV Platform for premium Entertainment Experience; Drama, Comedy, Vox Pop, Celebrity Interviews, Games and more fantabulous content. Mr. Macaroni TV is founded by Adebowale "Debo" Adedayo known by his stage name Mr Macaroni, is a Nigerian actor, content creator and citizen activist. Mr. Debo is  a trained thespian, his popularity  grew from his comic skits on social media, where he plays the role of a political figure cum sugar daddy called "Daddy Wa" or a sadistic lecturer called "Professor Hard Life.


Using his satirical works and online presence, Debo is also known for his social justice advocacy.[7] His skits satirize social issues to promote human rights and critique everyday social interactions. During the 2020 #EndSARS protests in Nigeria, Debo used his platform and presence at various protest venues to advocate against police brutality - even after becoming a victim as a result.



Q4.How impactful has it been for you working with this organization?


It has been an eye-opening experience, I am being exposed to how the art and entertainment industry works.


Q5.Do you think this has taken a turn on your career path?


Yes, of course! I will apply the lessons learned as I journey on my career path in years to come. My career vision is to become a foremost producer. Working with Mr. Macaroni TV is helping me gain relevant practical experience needed to bring my vision to reality. Mr. Macaroni TV has a  very supportive and collaborative environment. It can only get better from here.






Q6. Do you think this is a great opportunity for creatives?


 Yes, this is a great opportunity for creatives.  Most budding creatives mostly do not live out their vision largely because they do not gain practical experience from a very early stage in their career. Internship opportunities like this help you to also build relationships that will help you going forward. Internship, just like the apprenticeship system, is a very good opportunity for transfer of knowledge from experts to their proteges. This is exactly what I am benefiting interning with Mr. Macaroni TV.




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