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Interview With Ajibola Olayiwola

Phoenix Project

Sun, 03 Mar 2024

Interview With Ajibola Olayiwola

Q1.Tell us how you got to know about The Phoenix Project and why you registered.

I learned about The Phoenix Project through an ad I saw on Instagram. I decided to register because I saw it as a platform to learn about visual storytelling and filmmaking techniques which I am passionate about.


Q2.In a few words describe your journey so far with The Phoenix Project.

 It has been a jolly ride. I count it as a privilege.


Q3.Could you please tell us a bit about the organization you’re interning with?

 Mr. Macaroni Entertainment Company is a brand that provides the content to keep everyone entertained, whether you prefer to read, watch or listen.


Q4.How Impactful has it been for you working with this organization?

 It has been an eye-opening experience, I am being exposed to how the art and entertainment industry works.


Q5.Do you think this has taken a turn on your career path?

 Yes, of course! I will apply the lessons learned as I journey on my career path in years to come.



Q6. So far, how would you rate your experience at the organization you’re interning with?

 Satisfactory. It has been a great experience.



Q7. Do you think this is a great opportunity for creatives, due to the fact that they don’t get a lot of opportunities like this?

 Yes, this is a great opportunity for creatives.  The Phoenix Project serves as an intermediary between the creative space and creatives.



Q8. If you had one thing to say to The Phoenix Project, what would it be?

 Keep up the good work, so many creatives will reckon with this in years to come.


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