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As cliché as the title of this article is, I'm not going to be asking you to listen to music, or take a walk or maybe journal twice a day. Don’t get me wrong, they are all fantastic advice, but may never work if you dont ask the right questions.

No, you’re not asking a professional, from whom you’d be sure to get loads of generalized and overly simplified answers, (stray bulletz inna da air!) you’d be asking the one person with all the data about you and what you represent, YOURSELF.

Now if you’re looking for a quick fix, Id suggest you swipe past now, or forever be informed that getting creative is much deeper than taking a walk in the park (literally lol).

1. Find out when you get creative

Understanding the basis of your personality could be a major breakthrough as you search to come up with uniquely creative ideas. Studying yourself to find out at what time, place and in what settings your creative juices flow could be such a game changer! I’m a night crawler, and so, during the day, it can be a struggle to concentrate, even when I am not in crowded or loud environment, but at night, it’s like I don’t even have to try! Do you know if you’re a morning or night person? whether you think and work better when you’re alone, in a team or while you’re checking other people’s work out in your endless scrolls on social media? Well then, get over paper work, emails and other routine tasks and get down to business when you’re most comfortable.

2. What aligns with your field of play.

Are you outspoken and articulate, calculative, introspective? Do you think fast on your feet? Do people find you funny? Does your imagination run wild?  These seemingly mundane things could be the reason you’re drawn to your field of play, it’s probably what makes you uniquely capable to function as whoever you want to be. Before desiring to be an artist, a producer, an actor or brand manager, you must have aligned with thought processes particularly to any of these field in a way. This is evident in the way we interpret the same things differently. For example, where a journalist who encounters a man with an abnormally large leg might see an interesting story to write or film about, a doctor could be concerned for the life of a patient whom he/she knows is in dire need of medical attention. Creativity is in the way we see.

 3. Find your purpose

Creativity is not dependent on what you’re good at alone and so just because you can sing or act, does not mean your purpose is in acting or the music industry as an artist.

This is why knowing what your purpose is, is crucial in stimulating and channeling your creative voice.

Knowing your purpose does 2 things:

1. It keeps you passionate: Passion is fleeting, but understanding purpose will keep you grounded and focused on your craft even on days when you are feeling unmotivated

2. It carves your niche: We log on to social media and hear a lot about finding/creating a niche to grow in and make a difference but very few people really add how they find their niche. Purpose answers that! Ever wondered why creatives sometimes come off as unoriginal? Or why they start with one thing but cannot seem to sustain the persona they have created? it’s because the answer to your why is either incorrect or needs to be updated.

Find your purpose and you’ll see how ideas will flow easily to you.


4. Find out how you get creative.

What do you do when youre feeling uninspired? A recent study carried out by psychologists at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada suggests that the average person has about 6200 thoughts per day! This means that the human mind is literally a gold mine of ideas and being creative is not for a limited few, everyone has the ability to be exceptionally creative.

With your hands, through journaling or hanging out with creatives like yourself, finding out HOW you get creative will put an end to your dry spells.

It’s going to be a lot of work but both you and your career and will be better for it.

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Mosopeoluwa Adelekan
Mosopeoluwa Adelekan
This is an amazing breakdown of how creativity works and it is very insightful.
Updated Sat, 06 Aug 2022
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Phoenix  Incubation - Cohort 1
Phoenix Incubation - Cohort 1
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Thu, 06 Oct 2022

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